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The Best Dog Training in Bozeman

Sit Means Sit Dog Training provides professional dog training and puppy obedience lessons to Bozeman, Livingston, Big Sky, Three Forks, Absaroee, Belgrade, Billings, Butte, Helena, Manhattan, and surrounding Montana areas.

Every dog is different, so we offer a unique and customized dog training experience with professional trainers to match. Plus, you have the ability to choose their training program and how involved you would like to be in their journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, we are here to help with your specific needs.

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Any Age. Any Breed. Any Problem.

We train all dogs, regardless of age, breed, or behavioral issue. Whether you're looking to start your puppy on a path to lifelong success or want to teach your older dog some new tricks, we've got you covered.

Obedience & Behavior Management

We provide individualized one-on-one dog training programs tailored to meet your unique goals and specific needs.

Training & Services

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Our private lesson training program is ideal for pet owners who want to be involved in their pup’s progress every step of the way. Private lessons are customized for you and your dog to improve confidence and manners, as well as to learn obedience training commands. You and your dog will receive personalized, step-by-step instruction…

Puppy Management

Puppy Management

The first 16 weeks of your puppy’s life are the most crucial for influencing and training your new companion. Obedience and socialization learned early in life will help your puppy behave properly and positively while avoiding aggressive behavior later in life. Puppy management will ensure you have a well-behaved companion who is closely bonded to…

Immersion Board & Train

Immersion Board & Train

With our Immersion Board & Train program, we do the hard work for you! Finding time to train your companion is not always easy. So, while you are at work or away on vacation, your dog will be learning how to be their best and most obedient self. If you’ve found training your dog to…

Advanced & Specialty Classes

Advanced & Specialty Classes

Has your pup successfully completed Private Lessons or our Immersion Board & Train program? Then your next step is to enroll in our Advanced & Specialty training classes! These exciting programs give your pup the opportunity to take their skills to the next level. Benefits of Our Advanced & Specialty Classes: Learn superior off-leash obedience…

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn

If you love working with dogs as much as we do, our professional staff would love to teach you the tips and tricks we know, including bite prevention and canine behavioral issues. This is a fantastic program if you’re employed at a veterinary clinic, groomer, or boarding kennel. At Sit Means Sit Bozeman, we focus…



We want to share our knowledge and experience on positive reinforcement and reward-based training and why we consider it to be the most effective approach to dog training. Our expert staff of professional dog trainers will meet with your group, training club, or pet store to inform you about a wide range of training topics….

Behavior Modification Training

In addition to our training programs, we can train your dog or pup to overcome specific behaviors and emotions for a happier, healthier dog.


An aggressive dog can cause difficulties when trying to incorporate them into your daily life, and can create stress and strain for everyone in your household. Often these behaviors stem from factors like inadequate socialization, fear, stress, or negative past experiences. Working collaboratively, you and your trainer can address and resolve some of these behavioral…

High Anxiety/Fear

Whether it’s a fear of strangers, other dogs, or separation from their owner, it can be incredibly challenging to train an anxious dog. Our trainers will work closely with you and your pup to gradually increase their comfort zone through positive experiences, building your dog’s confidence in a safe and productive way. Signs of Anxiety…


Does your dog bolt the second they see a squirrel, person, or another dog across the street? These distractions are unavoidable in the real world, which is why our trainers focus and specialize in high-distraction training. With consistency, we can help direct your dog’s focus to you in any situation when distractions arise….


If you aspire to enjoy the freedom of having your dog off-leash while exploring your favorite trails or during camping adventures, off-leash training could be a perfect fit for you and your furry companion. Off-leash training is distinct from obedience, although skills such as recall are the foundation of off-leash training. Our trainers will begin…


A reactive dog overreacts to normal situations that other dogs would take in stride. They become overstimulated easily and may bark, lunge, and growl at something as simple as another dog or person walking on the other side of the street. Attention to training is extremely important, as reactivity can turn into aggression. The cause…


Socialization with dogs, humans, and other animals is a great way to ensure a well-mannered and confident dog. The best time to socialize is between 10-16 weeks of age, but not all dogs get to experience socialization as a puppy. A lot of rescue dogs enter their new homes without proper socialization, which can put…

Meet Our

Trainers & Staff

Our certified Sit Means Sit Dog Training staff has extensive experience in resolving dog obedience issues such as:

  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Leash Pulling
  • Counter surfing
  • People aggression
  • Dog aggression
  • New Puppy Problems
  • Housebreaking
  • Basic Commands
  • High Energy
  • Anxiety
  • And More!

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Darin Shepherd

Darin Shepherd Owner

With over two decades of professional experience, Darin is a renowned certified professional dog trainer based in Bozeman, Montana. Darin’s passion for training came at a young age when he would shadow his Grandfather while he would train horses and dog’s at his Uncle’s Veterinary clinic. Darin has trained dogs for pet owners, competitive sport…


Jamie Lesson Trainer

Bio Coming Soon

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Training was excellent and all that I had hoped for for our white shephard. She has become a perfect family dog. I questioned if that was possible prior to training. Thank you Sit Means Sit for your help!

- Laura D.
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The entire staff at SMS was very professional and great to work with. We brought Kida, our 7 month old catahoula/boarder collie, to them with the goal of learning recall and leash skills. She used to have some trouble with focusing on commands. After her week of training, she has a new calmness and has embraced learning new commands. This new lifestyle has been an incredible improvement to our day to day adventures!!

- Haley P.
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