Reviews - Sit Means Sit Dog Training Bozeman

Laura D.

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Training was excellent and all that I had hoped for for our white shephard. She has become a perfect family dog. I questioned if that was possible prior to training. Thank you Sit Means Sit for your help!

Haley P.

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The entire staff at SMS was very professional and great to work with. We brought Kida, our 7 month old catahoula/boarder collie, to them with the goal of learning recall and leash skills. She used to have some trouble with focusing on commands. After her week of training, she has a new calmness and has embraced learning new commands. This new lifestyle has been an incredible improvement to our day to day adventures!!

Dane F.

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The sit means sit facility is unbelievably clean and professional. My wife and I couldn’t say enough great things about Darin and his staff. Our dog came back a whole new dog. We will definitely be back!

Claudia K.

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I brought my 3-year-old Australian Shepherd to SMS for advanced training, seeking to refine her skills, enhance her attention to me, ensure consistency, and improve her ability to stay calm in various situations. Having already trained her in basic commands with no major behavioral issues, my goal was to have her under control and focused on me.

I am very impressed with the SMS team and thrilled with the results. This training has significantly enhanced both our qualities of life. Strangers often compliment me on how well-trained my dog is, a testament to the effectiveness of the training. I would highly recommend SMS to any dog owner. Thank you Brenna and team!

Clare C.

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They are incredibly professional and on top of their communication. We adopted two 4-5 month old puppies within a few months, and knew we needed help. We put them both in the SMS weeklong immersion program. They are (mostly) good listeners now! (They are still puppies, after all). But clearly this has helped them understand what they need to be doing. Both Leo and Joan stop at every crosswalk, never pull on a leash, and go to their beds without a second ask. Also, it’s so nice that you can text them anytime you have a question or anything comes up. And, with the weeklong program, you get lifetime refreshers. Highly recommend!

Ashley U.

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We’ve been with Sit Means Sit for a few years now. We did the board and train with our 100lb GSD, Odin. He has always been friendly, but was uncontrollable. Wrenching my arm while on leash, was a frequent occurrence. Running to “say hi” to other dogs, and not returning when called was another fun one (no one else thought it was fun – terrifying, was the feedback I got).

After the board and train, I was confident in both his AND my ability to go out and not accost the general public. Haha! He was still his friendly self, and yet he listened! I knew how to maintain and regain control at any time. What a relief!

Then… we got a puppy. I knew most of the things from our previous experience, but knew that both pup AND I needed some more learning. So we did Puppy Preschool and then through x4 private lessons. Not only were we able to learn the things together, but Odin was able to come along for some refreshing! Training the two together was actually VERY helpful.

Our puppy, Freki, is the BEST boy. He comes everywhere with me off-leash. I trust him fully, in any situation. I LOVE MY BOYS!

Thank you SMS, for giving my boys and I the tools to be the best we can be for each other! It’s not just about the dog. We as humans have much to learn! If you love your fur babies too, I HIGHLY recommend SMS.